Few Ways to Restore Documents After Water Damage

Was your hometown recently flooded? It surely can be a terrible mess when you try to pick up the pieces of your home after its being hit by a flood. A major problem is trying to save the important documents after they have been damaged by the water. Every important document can’t be replaced and it very difficult to replace the old birth certificates and numerous crucial property titles with the new ones. Hence, it is really important to save and restore the important documents after your place is water flooded but the question that arises is how! Well, read on to know a few ways to restore your documents.

You Need to Act Fast!

The first step that you should take in case of water flooding is to act really quickly to try and save the documents. The water damaged documents have to be dried within 24 to 48 hours otherwise mold might start accumulating on them.

It is a little easier to save the documents if they have been damaged by clean water as you don’t have to take the extra efforts to remove the dirt stains and other marks from the papers. They just need to be dried.

Be Very Gentle and Careful

While removing papers from the water, be extra careful as the documents will be terribly fragile due to being wet. If the documents get damaged by the contaminated water, then there is a higher risk of mold and bacteria growth on it. So, make sure to remove the documents carefully and then rinse them under running cold water.

Dry Them Off Quickly After Cleaning

Once the documents are clean off the stains and contaminated water, they should be dried quickly. If you are drying strong binding books then let them air dry by turning the books upside down every couple of hours as this let the book dry out evenly. You can also make use of a dehumidifier or a fan that can let the documents dry at a faster rate.

Try Professional Document Restorers

The professional document restorers freeze the books and other documents while they are still wet. Freezing of the documents will help stop the ink from flowing and bleeding. You can also try the professional freezing method, all you need to do is to place all the documents in a zip lock back and place them carefully in a frost-free freezer.

Use an Absorbent Paper to Remove the Extra Water

If the document that you are trying to restore is really fragile then you can use an absorbent paper to take off the extra water. If you wish to dry a book, you can place a white clean sheet of paper inside the book after every ten pages as this will absorb the water to a great extent. Also make sure you use a clean white sheet and not the glossy paper in this process. You can replace the white papers with the new ones every one hour.
And, if you fail to restore the documents on your own even with the help of above stated techniques, you can seek professional help to get the job done for you.

Michigan Residents Brace for More Extreme Winter Weather

A powerful winter stormed dubbed “Hercules” is expected to deliver more than a foot of snow, stiff winds and punishing cold temperatures to the Midwest this weekend including the state of Michigan. The massive storm system which is pushing its way across the US into the Northeast is expected to extend holiday break for many students. The best selling items in metro Detroit stores this week are snow shovels and milk as people prepare for the wicked winter weather that’s moving their way. Road crews have been plowing and salting metro Detroit area roadways at a fevered pitch over the past few days while gas stations are reporting doing very brisk business. The greater Detroit area has already received close to a foot of snow from earlier this week and are now bracing for another foot that could come down by Sunday night. Homeowners have been dealing with burst pipes, flooding and property damages caused by the extreme weather conditions.

The snowfall that is being forecast for this weekend will be followed by frigidly cold temperatures. The National Weather Service says that wind chills could reach 20 to 40 degrees below zero by early next week.

Detroit has gotten over 27 inches of snow thus far this winter, smashing its record by more than 15 inches and it’s only the beginning of the snowy season. The NWS says that up to 3 inches of snow may fall overnight Friday with up to 7 inches coming down Sunday during the day. On top of that, an additional four inches is possible Sunday night. While temperatures across the Detroit area topped out at around 28 degrees Friday, by Monday the highs will only be around 6 degrees making it uncomfortable and even dangerous to be outside.

Winter storm Hercules has already claimed 9 lives. It’s also resulted in numerous traffic tie-ups and accidents across Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois with some of those resulting in fatalities. Hercules also has closed down JFK airport in New York on Friday as well as Logan Airport in Boston. There were thousands of flight delays and cancellations across the United States due to snow, ice and wind. The NWS reported Friday night that Boxford, Mass has thus far received the most snow from Hercules with 2 feet on the ground there.

Roadways across the metro Detroit area were snow covered and slippery Friday, making it a slow and dangerous commute for many. Dozens of schools canceled classes Friday and scores of snow emergencies were declared in towns and cities across southern lower Michigan. AAA Michigan reported helping over 3,000 state residents on New Year’s Day alone. With the upcoming forecast of snowfall and blowing snow for the Great Lakes State, the agency is sure to be very busy over the next few days as Hercules unleashes its latest wrath of winter weather and dangerously cold temperatures.

Learn What Professional Firms Due To Mitigate Water Damage

One out of four businesses that shuts down due to a natural disaster never reopens; and 90 percent of all natural disasters involve flooding.  Floods generally strike without warning; often destroying buildings, equipment, and inventory.  Perhaps you have heard these facts all before, but you never had to face it – until now.  Your business is flooded thanks to burst pipes; and you don’t have a business continuity plan in place for times like these.  What do you do?

Your best bet is to call a company which specializes in water damage and flood restoration service immediately.  Waiting to begin using a flood restoration service can cause floor delaminating, hazardous mold contamination, additional damage to furnishings, and odor issues.  Quick mitigation, on the other hand, prevents the water damage from spreading, which in turn lowers repair costs.  Not only will your quick action save you additional expenses, but it will shorten your business downtime costs too.  Time is money; and the less time your business is closed for restoration work, the better it is for your company’s bottom line.

Professional water damage and flood restoration services use industrial-grade equipment and supplies to remove standing water, dehumidify the building, and inhibit mold growth and odors issues quickly and efficiently.  If you think about it, the damage caused by water can be extensive:

·        Flooring
·        Drywall
·        Baseboards
·        Insulation
·        Interior paint
·        Furnishings
·        Office equipment
·        Business documents
·        Mold hazard

And the list goes on.  Depending on the extent of the water damage, you will find that some flood restoration companies even offer services such as complete building contents cleanup and document recovery.

So how do you select the right service?

There are several things you should keep in mind when selecting a water damage and flood restoration service.  First, the company must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  After all, leaks don’t happen between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday only.  Second, it is important for the company and its technicians to be licensed and bonded.  Second, the technicians should be IIRC certified in flood and water damage mitigation.  From weakened support structures to toxic mold, there are too many critical issues which can arise following a flood to put your company’s assets in untrained and certified hands.  In fact, it is best to go beyond certification and search for a company with significant and reputable industry experience. Finally, find a water damage and flood restoration service that uses industry-approved equipment; for what they use can affect how quickly your business is back up and running again.  Make sure the company uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers and state-of-the-art drying equipment like TES, Thermal Energy Systems drying systems which can speed up drying time by one-third to as much as one-half when compared with conventional drying methods. If you have flood insurance for your business, you may want to find a company that has years of service working with insurance claims, to better facilitate the process.

Like they say in business, time is of the essence.  Time is the difference between more or less damage.  Time is money.  Don’t spend more than your company needs to when disaster strikes.  So, most importantly, take the time now to select and establish a relationship with a professional water damage and flood restoration service.  Setting up a continuity plan is vital to the survival of virtually any company, and flood damage is one contingency plan that should be in place – before a flood strikes.