Few Ways to Restore Documents After Water Damage

Was your hometown recently flooded? It surely can be a terrible mess when you try to pick up the pieces of your home after its being hit by a flood. A major problem is trying to save the important documents after they have been damaged by the water. Every important document can’t be replaced and it very difficult to replace the old birth certificates and numerous crucial property titles with the new ones. Hence, it is really important to save and restore the important documents after your place is water flooded but the question that arises is how! Well, read on to know a few ways to restore your documents.

You Need to Act Fast!

The first step that you should take in case of water flooding is to act really quickly to try and save the documents. The water damaged documents have to be dried within 24 to 48 hours otherwise mold might start accumulating on them.

It is a little easier to save the documents if they have been damaged by clean water as you don’t have to take the extra efforts to remove the dirt stains and other marks from the papers. They just need to be dried.

Be Very Gentle and Careful

While removing papers from the water, be extra careful as the documents will be terribly fragile due to being wet. If the documents get damaged by the contaminated water, then there is a higher risk of mold and bacteria growth on it. So, make sure to remove the documents carefully and then rinse them under running cold water.

Dry Them Off Quickly After Cleaning

Once the documents are clean off the stains and contaminated water, they should be dried quickly. If you are drying strong binding books then let them air dry by turning the books upside down every couple of hours as this let the book dry out evenly. You can also make use of a dehumidifier or a fan that can let the documents dry at a faster rate.

Try Professional Document Restorers

The professional document restorers freeze the books and other documents while they are still wet. Freezing of the documents will help stop the ink from flowing and bleeding. You can also try the professional freezing method, all you need to do is to place all the documents in a zip lock back and place them carefully in a frost-free freezer.

Use an Absorbent Paper to Remove the Extra Water

If the document that you are trying to restore is really fragile then you can use an absorbent paper to take off the extra water. If you wish to dry a book, you can place a white clean sheet of paper inside the book after every ten pages as this will absorb the water to a great extent. Also make sure you use a clean white sheet and not the glossy paper in this process. You can replace the white papers with the new ones every one hour.
And, if you fail to restore the documents on your own even with the help of above stated techniques, you can seek professional help to get the job done for you.

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